Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What is Product Placement?- Kaboodle Gifts

Parchement Picture FrameProduct placement is advertising in a subtle way mostly seen in television shows and movies. Let's go back to 1982 for a minute. Steven Spielburg made this little move called E.T. The Extra Terrestrial®.

Ahhhhh you remember don't you. Do you know what E.T.'s favorite candy was? Reese's Pieces®, that's correct. This wonderful M&M like peanut butter filled hard candy was created in 1978. After it was seen in the movie E.T. The Extra Terrestrial sales took off in a huge way. Here is the time line for Reese's Pieces.

This is what product placement can do for a product. It's the subtle way of a business advertising its product without making you feel you have say through a commercial.

Another example of product placement is The Apprentice. This show as we all know that watched it featured "The Donald". Several individuals competed for a position in the Trump Organization. One had to be voted off, fired if you will each week until the final two people remained that did the best over the run of the episodes. One was picked to head a project for Donald Trump. Did anyone notice the clock that was shown in the board room in a few episodes? This clock as well as others that were shown on the few episodes were made by a company in Zeeland, Michigan called Howard Miller Clock Company®. The largest floor clock manufacture in the world.

Product placement can launch a product into the galaxy as it did for Hersey's® Reese's Pieces in the 80's. The next time you see a Coke® can in a movie or television show think of how many millions of people just saw that with you. That's the power of product placement.

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