Sunday, October 18, 2009

White Enamel Finish Puzzle Stools at Kaboodle Gifts

Personalized White Wood Name Stool 9 to 12 LettersIn our previous post we announced that we are adding new product at Kaboodle Gifts. Specifically personalized puzzle name stools. In this same vein we have now begun to add our line of white enamel personalized name stools.

Made in America specifically for you our personalized white enamel stools are made from the same quality materials as is our personalized natual finish stools. The paint is non toxic so it wont hurt your intened recepient. Currently available in the single name format, the stools range in length from 14 inches to 20 inches, depending on the length of the name. They are 8 inches wide and 7.75 inches in height.

We are proud to bring to the table yet another unique made in America product that we know our current and future customers will appreciate.

It is an exciting time to be involved with Kaboodle Gifts!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Personalized Wooden Name Puzzle Stools at Kaboodle Gifts

Personalized Wooden Single Name Puzzle Stool We are excited to tell all of you about our new product that we are currently beginning to release at Kaboodle Gifts. Our Personalized Wooden Name Puzzle Stools are magnificent! Made from solid wood, our wooden stools are hand made and manufactured right here in the U.S.A. Additionally we are releasing three different models. You can have your childs name made to fit right inside the stool itself. Each model has a natural finish to the stool while the letters for your childs name is offered in three different color choices; primary colors,jewel, or pastel.

The stools themselves are 20 inches long, (maximum length) 8 inches wide and 7.75 inches in height. Your childs name interlocks in the cut out which is in the middle of stool top. Each stool is handmade so there is no one stool that is exactly alike making this another great unique product offered by Kaboodle Gifts.

Currently we are offering these personalized wooden name puzzle stools in the single name version only and in three versions; (1-5) letter names, (6-8) letter names, and (9-12) letter names. Each version offers three choices of color for the letters of your childs name and all are painted with non toxic paint so you know that it is safe for your child to handle them.

In addition to the new product that we have released we have much more to come as we are in the final stages of releasing our other Made in America products of this style. In the coming weeks look for 2 name wooden stools both in natural and white finish. Our Birthday stools which will also be offered in natural and white finish will be coming soon as well as our Natural and white personalized coat racks.

It is an exciting time to be involved with Kaboodle Gifts, wheather you read our blog, are one of our many valued customers or are behind the scenes. Keep watching as Kaboodle Gifts releases our great product offerings and pay attention to the coupon codes at Kaboodle Gifts and our sister site at Bonanzle.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Kaboodle Gifts Issues Press Release on New Patina Product Firepits

Moose Trees Wood Burning Fire Pit Grill Kaboodle Gifts has issued the long awaited Press Release for our new line of American made fire pits. It is a custom to issue such Press Release's with each new line that Kaboodle Gifts implements into our online catalog.

As you can see there are several designs to choose from. In addition we also offer a personalized Patina Fire pit. With our personalized fire pit you may choose your text, up to twenty characters and in turn we will have your choice machined into the side of the fire pit. This is an excellent way to create a conversation piece in your back yard around family and friends.

Each of our fire pits comes standard with a poker, spark screen, weather cover, and grill, and the shipping is included to the lower 48 United States.

Scott Nash
Kaboodle Gifts

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wood Burning Personalized Fire Pits

Wood Burning Outdoor Personalized Fire Pit Our Patina Products Fire Pits are now available at Kaboodle Gifts! Now you can have a fire pit that makes a statement! Character limit is twenty characters. Your family and friends will be in awe of your personalized fire pit. In addition you can also choose two images to flank your personalized name. The lay out will be(Your 1st Image choice)YOUR NAME(Your second image choice). If one image is chosen then that image will be used twice. Your chosen image(s) and name will be spaced evenly around the circumference of the fire pit.

There are several reasons to personalize your fire pit. Here are a few examples:

  • Retirement

  • Father's Day

  • An accomplishment

  • For the Deer hunter

  • For the Duck Hunter

  • Made from cold rolled steel, our fire pits measure 30"(L)x30"(W)x16"(H. They have welded legs to stablize your pit. They are portable so that you can take them to the camp ground, second home, community church event, virtually anywhere you go!

    Made in America, all of our fire pits come with a poker, grill, weather cover, and a spark screen. If you have a fire ban in your area, the spark screen allows you to have a fire and stay within you fire ban guide lines.

    In addition shipping is included in the price of your purchase as well as a five (5) year guarantee against rust through or burn through.

    This is simply the best fire pit that you will ever own!

    See our Standard Fire Pits here.

    Each pit, along with all the items included above, as well as free shipping, are priced at $229.99

    Sunday, February 22, 2009

    Your Business, Your Health, Your Responsibility

    Personalized Toasting Glass Stemware Set of 2Building your online business is not for the faint of heart, that is if you are honest with yourself. There is a big difference between selling a product online and owning your online business. You have the hours upon hours of coding your site, performing Search Engine Optimization, making sure that your pictures are optimized, back links relate to your business, customer service, packing your product, marketing your product, and keeping yourself healthy. That's interesting that health was listed last, yet without it nothing else that was listed here matters.

    The American Heart Association recommends that you exercise a minimum of thirty minutes a day to keep your heart healthy. Thirty minutes seems like such a long period of time when you have so much to do to keep ahead of your competition. Exercise is nothing to put off , yet we all do because we justify our reasons by saying that it can't happen to me. I feel great, nothing is wrong. Why exercise when I look good, I'm not over weight, I don't smoke, and I eat right.
    The reasons I know that people are using these excuses is because I did as well. My world almost came to an end on December 23, 2006. I was feeling good, eating right, nothing was wrong. I was relaxing watching some television and all of a sudden I got this pain in my chest, a pain that felt like I needed to crack my breast bone. I thought really nothing of it until it went straight through me to my middle back. Then my shoulder blades felt the same way, that I needed to crack them, like I did my neck every once in a while. This raised my eye brows a bit, actually it felt like I had a severe back pain coming on. I started to wonder if this could be what I thought it was, a heart attack, noooo, can't be, I'm to young, I feel good, it can't happen to me. I was convinced that it was happening when from no where, the cold sweats began. This is where I made the only mistake of the evening. I had my wife drive me to the emergency room, we are about eight blocks from the hospital and I came to the quick conclusion that we could get there faster than the ambulance could get to me, and then me to the hospital. The reason that was a mistake was that if I had gone into full cardiac arrest, we didn't have the necessary equipment in our vehicle to shock my heart.

    We made it to the emergency room, at the admitting desk I collapsed and went to the ground. I figured that I was safe and it was time for all the great folks at Holland Hospital to take over. Do you have any idea what it is like to make eighteen new friends in a matter of minutes? I suggest that you find a different way to achieve that goal.

    The team of professionals at Holland Hospital put on a show that was remarkable. Each step of the process was a well choreographed dance. Nurses would move forward and perform a procedure, then back out of the room, then an E.K.G. was administered, the attendant performing that backed out and the doctor came in to read it. The doctor told me it was the real deal. I'll never forget those words as long as I live because as soon as I heard those words I said these words; "No it can't be , I'm to young, I felt great, I ate well.

    I came home on Christmas day, a somber day, and all I could think about is what do I do next, I feel broken I said to myself. Here is the answer: Cardiac Rehabilitation. Holland Hospital has a great Cardiac Rehabilitation program. For thirty five minutes every other day I spin, use a treadmill, and other various pieces of equipment to maintain my healthy heart. I said healthy heart, yes because I got lucky there is no heart damage.

    Running your business involves making many very important business decisions. Don't take your health for granted. It's the most important business decision a business owner can make!

    Sunday, January 25, 2009

    Personalized Gifts- What Does That Mean?- Kaboodle Gifts

    Too Sexy for My Diaper Children's CreeperThe economy today is weak in most sectors and at best marginal in others. We believe that consumers are purchasing products but under very strict parameters. You are seeing more and more offers of Layaway plans for consumers. No interest until 2010 is another popular method of enticing the consumer to purchase. With the credit market drying up, and credit card companies changing the rules of their terms so that they can maintain profitability on their accounts, the consumer is changing the way that business is done in today's times.

    The consumer is becoming more personalized with their purchases, no longer does the customer make impulse buying a trendy thing to do. They are researching their purchases more, taking their time in making that purchase, and looking for the rock bottom price for that particular item.

    As business owners we can not accept that we have to not make a profit on our products just to make a sale. That is bad business and will put you out of business in a heart beat. What we can do is make sure that we offer a practical line of products that are competitive in price that also show perceived value to the customer.

    We believe we have accomplished those goals with our line of gifts at Kaboodle Gifts. Not only do we offer personalized gifts that last long after the intended event has taken place. We offer memories! How many mothers have saved a special gift that their child has received only to look at it years later and remembered the exact moment that that gift was given and what it was given for? How many times have you looked at the personalized candle that has your wedding date on it and remembered what you were saying to one another as the minister was performing your wedding?

    A personalized gift by Kaboodle Gifts doesn't have to mean that you receive a gift with a name or a date on it. It can mean so much more as we have briefly described above. It might be a ring for a special gal, it might be a wedding favor given to all of your close friends that had the honor of attending your wedding, it might mean a baby bibor creeper that made you laugh when your child was small enough to fit into. You might even take something like that and bring it out to embarrass your child when they get married!

    Just as the consumer will no longer make an impulse buy, we at Kaboodle Gifts will no longer define our personalized gifts as having to have a name or a date on them.

    Scott Nash
    Kaboodle Gifts, LLC

    *Note*: You may use the content of this blog for your own purpose as long as all articles stay fully intact and there is credit given to Kaboodle Gifts.