Sunday, January 25, 2009

Personalized Gifts- What Does That Mean?- Kaboodle Gifts

Too Sexy for My Diaper Children's CreeperThe economy today is weak in most sectors and at best marginal in others. We believe that consumers are purchasing products but under very strict parameters. You are seeing more and more offers of Layaway plans for consumers. No interest until 2010 is another popular method of enticing the consumer to purchase. With the credit market drying up, and credit card companies changing the rules of their terms so that they can maintain profitability on their accounts, the consumer is changing the way that business is done in today's times.

The consumer is becoming more personalized with their purchases, no longer does the customer make impulse buying a trendy thing to do. They are researching their purchases more, taking their time in making that purchase, and looking for the rock bottom price for that particular item.

As business owners we can not accept that we have to not make a profit on our products just to make a sale. That is bad business and will put you out of business in a heart beat. What we can do is make sure that we offer a practical line of products that are competitive in price that also show perceived value to the customer.

We believe we have accomplished those goals with our line of gifts at Kaboodle Gifts. Not only do we offer personalized gifts that last long after the intended event has taken place. We offer memories! How many mothers have saved a special gift that their child has received only to look at it years later and remembered the exact moment that that gift was given and what it was given for? How many times have you looked at the personalized candle that has your wedding date on it and remembered what you were saying to one another as the minister was performing your wedding?

A personalized gift by Kaboodle Gifts doesn't have to mean that you receive a gift with a name or a date on it. It can mean so much more as we have briefly described above. It might be a ring for a special gal, it might be a wedding favor given to all of your close friends that had the honor of attending your wedding, it might mean a baby bibor creeper that made you laugh when your child was small enough to fit into. You might even take something like that and bring it out to embarrass your child when they get married!

Just as the consumer will no longer make an impulse buy, we at Kaboodle Gifts will no longer define our personalized gifts as having to have a name or a date on them.

Scott Nash
Kaboodle Gifts, LLC

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