Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wood Burning Personalized Fire Pits

Wood Burning Outdoor Personalized Fire Pit Our Patina Products Fire Pits are now available at Kaboodle Gifts! Now you can have a fire pit that makes a statement! Character limit is twenty characters. Your family and friends will be in awe of your personalized fire pit. In addition you can also choose two images to flank your personalized name. The lay out will be(Your 1st Image choice)YOUR NAME(Your second image choice). If one image is chosen then that image will be used twice. Your chosen image(s) and name will be spaced evenly around the circumference of the fire pit.

There are several reasons to personalize your fire pit. Here are a few examples:

  • Retirement

  • Father's Day

  • An accomplishment

  • For the Deer hunter

  • For the Duck Hunter

  • Made from cold rolled steel, our fire pits measure 30"(L)x30"(W)x16"(H. They have welded legs to stablize your pit. They are portable so that you can take them to the camp ground, second home, community church event, virtually anywhere you go!

    Made in America, all of our fire pits come with a poker, grill, weather cover, and a spark screen. If you have a fire ban in your area, the spark screen allows you to have a fire and stay within you fire ban guide lines.

    In addition shipping is included in the price of your purchase as well as a five (5) year guarantee against rust through or burn through.

    This is simply the best fire pit that you will ever own!

    See our Standard Fire Pits here.

    Each pit, along with all the items included above, as well as free shipping, are priced at $229.99


    1. I like the way you posted this.

    2. Thank you Pat. Be sure and tell your friends about us!

    3. Wow this is a really neat idea especially for Father's Day. I think personalized gifts are the best, they show the receiver that they were thought of and make them feel special.

    4. Thank you for your kind comments! We currently offer eighteen different Fire Pits for your choosing. Some examples would be Bear, Moose,Flower and Garden, and Wild Ducks. In addition we offer a 5 year guarantee against burn through and rust through. We have a one price policy with our fire pits, the price you see is the price you pay. Lastly our spark screen, fire poker, weather cover , and grill all come with the purchase of our fire pits. It's the best fire pit you will ever own!

    5. I am such an idiot, I forgot to buy my father a gift on father's day and when my sister's gift turned up I felt terrible. Please can anyone name a place where I can buy quality personalized fathers day gifts? I want to make sure I get him something special next time.

    6. Berchta,
      Welcome back! Our line of Personalized Fire pits are a great Father's day gift. We can personalized his new fire pit with his name and two images from our collection of images.


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