Monday, September 27, 2010

Social Networking Comes To Kaboodle Gifts

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Social networking is a huge part of any business, at least any business that is serious. You have My Space, Facebook, Twitter and many more. Kaboodle Gifts is pleased to announce that we have added the ability to share our website, categories, and products with your social networking family and friends.

Each page now supports a share button that includes Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and email. In addition to those buttons there is also a share link that opens up your options to include Digg, Google and many other choice to share our website and products with.

Now when you are searching our site and see a GIFT that might be of interest to someone you know, you can share our site, category, or even the specific item with your friend that may be interested in our products.

Notice that in the left hand side of the image of our home page that there is a share link, which opens up to include several options. Next to the share button are the links for Facebook, My Space, Twitter, Email, and Print. You have several options to share our site with your social networking groups.

The next example shows the share button on a product page. The button is below the product description and above the footer of each category page and product page, as well as every other page of our website.

We are very excited about the addition of this share button.It has never been easier to tell your friends about Kaboodle Gifts.