Sunday, August 10, 2008

Becoming a "Do Follow" Blogger - Kaboodle Gifts

Recently we have adjusted the rel='nofollow' tag in our blog template to better have our links indexed by the search engines. There are several thoughts on this subject and fixes for different blog templates concerning this subject located here.

We have no become part of the "Do Follow" movement and look foward to seeing more comments about this subject as well as many others.

In the article that I have linked to there is instructions on how to edit several popular blog templates. The instructions for the Blogger template suggests that you use ctrl +F to find all the instances of " no follow". When you use this method use a single quote mark vs. a double quote mark. This will save you lots of time in your edit process. Below is the sample that the article give and the correct sample to use in your search within your blogger template.

As the article suggest : rel="nofollow"
Blogger template : rel='nofollow'


  1. Thanks for being doFollow (nofollow free).

    And I am glad my post helped you. Good luck.
    -Abhinav Sood | Inspirit Blog

  2. Abhinav,
    You are most welcome. I find your blog very interesting and informative. Thank you for sharing all of your tips!


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