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What Is Multi Channel Marketing- Kaboodle Gifts

Kids Personalized Dinosaur Childrens Room SignIn the 90's the Internet exploded making several individuals very wealthy. Wealthy to the point of excess. Much like the current situation that this country is involved with currently. A few people made millions of dollars while alot of individuals just got by.It seemed like everyone was getting on the bandwagon to have an online presence of some kind.Multi channel marketing became neccessary after the fall of the internet businesses. In order for an online business to survive the future they could no longer accept the business model o just selling on the internet. Looking back through these times it just makes good business sense to not have all you eggs in one basket.

So what is Multi Channel Marketing?
It's very simple; Selling you product or service over a wide range of different channels such as a website, catalog, brick and mortar store, via direct mail or infomercials. Take a look at your business plan. How many different markets are you selling your product or service in? If you answered just one, then look at your total sales and ask yourself how that model is going. An useful and popular analogy says the following. What would you rather have 100 percent of one person's effort or one percent of 100 people's effort? Multi Channel marketing answers the call to that question.

What can you do to increase your sales through multiple channels?

The first thing you need to do is get a trade magazine called Multi Channel Merchant. Or checkout their site at Listed below are the articles that are in this months edition.

  • Merchandising the Web way
  • Cross- selling strategies - Give site visitors a why-to-buy
  • Marketing - Six actionable metrics and numbers
  • Lists & Data strategies
  • Operations & Fullfillment- Keeping contact center cost in line
  • Catalog- coping with tough times
  • Managing your brand's color
  • Same sad song for paper prices

You might not be to the level in your business that you think that you need such a resource. don't sell yourself short and not allow yourself to look at these topics and learn from professionals that work in each of these industries. The more information that you allow yourself to learn the bigger edge you are going to have against your competition.

The second thing that you can do is start looking for area shows to show your product to folks that may not know who you are or what you offer. Expose yourself to your potential market. Word of mouth is a wondeful marketing tool. If you sell personalized gifts get your products out in the market place and let people, potential customers touch and feel what you offer. do you not think that you wont get sales, or better yet having someone tell someone who told someone about your product. You can't buy that kind of exposure, well you can but it will blow your advertising budget in a hurry.

The third thing that you can do is maintain a customer database of customers. You can create a newsletter from this list. Most often your current customers will read what you have to say as long as you keep it interesting and offer them something for their time. Most reader's will send your news letter onto someone that they know. This is call targeting your customers. Knowing what your customers want is painfully important. Once you define that you will see your customer base grow exponentially.

These are just three things that you can do to help you grow your business through multi channel marketing. Now that I've got you thinking along these lines, what else can you think of ?

Scott Nash

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