Sunday, October 26, 2008

Kaboodle Gifts Latest Press Releases- Kaboodle Gifts

Personalized Cowgirl Ceramic Beer Stein 16oz.

There are several ways to bring attention to your business via the internet.

  • Viral marketing - Giving something away for free in hopes that your business name will get deep exposure in return.

Search Engine Optimazation- Utilizing keywords in your titles and descriptions to gain high ranking placement on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

Press Releases- Announcing to the world that you have created a new gadget, product, or service, or opened a new business. Done correctly you can get exposure from main stream news organizations, papers, and even your local news agencies.

Kaboodle Gifts, LLC uses press releases in a way that informs our new potential customers of what we are doing. We have chosen to use as our press release agent. We currently have two press release's that have given us great exposure to new customers.

Our first press release simply announced that we were adding a new line of personalized gifts. Listed below are both of or press releases that can be viewed in their entirety.

Kaboodle Gifts, LLC Announces New Line Of Personalized Products

Kaboodle Gifts, LLC Adds Personalized Kids Room Signs To Their Online Catalog

You can and will get an added amount of exposure by using press release distribution. In addition to letting the world know who you are you can also write articles for distribution.

Bookmark our Press Room and keep up with all the information that is going on with Kaboodle Gifts!

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