Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Does Kaboodle Gifts Offer a Physical Catalog

Personalized Billiards Poker Chip SetThis is a question that we receive frequently in email. In order to answer that I've decided to take a look at why Kaboodle Gifts doesn't bring a physical catalog into your living room.

When you go to your mailbox to get your mail you often receive several catalogs from different places that you have ordered from such as Sears, Woman Within,Roamans, and many more. While the catalog houses are taking advantage of multi-channel marketing it is costing them a large amount of money, resources, and time to bring that catalog to your doorstep in hopes that you will fill out the order form and return it to them with an order.

What you might not know is that there are several versions of a catalog from the big catalog houses. Why is that you are asking yourself? Well let me answer that for you. There are several versions of a catalog because there are several types of buyers for that catalog brand. There are those that rarely buy from a catalog, those that moderately purchase from a catalog, and there are those that frequently buy from a catalog. With that being said there are also different prices for the same item in those catalogs depending on what category of buyer you are.

An example of that might be Sally, your next door neighbor might purchase from the same catalog house as you. Both of you buy the same items, let's say you both bought the Kids Personalized Children's Noahs Ark Room Sign. She makes her purchases very rarely and buys only what she needs. You on the other hand might be a frequent purchaser and buy on impulse, you flip through the catalog circle what you like and fill out the order form mail it off and sit and wait in anticipation of your arrival usually two- to four weeks later. While Sally's item that she purchased cost her $19.95 because she makes few purchases, that very same item that you purchased cost you $16.95. Because you bring more volume to the catalog house your cost will be cheaper for the same thing that Sally just bought from the same catalog house.

Which brings me back to why Kaboodle Gifts doesn't offer a physical catalog. The costs of maintaining several versions of a catalog are very high.We like to treat each of our customers equal. We offer the same discount to all of our customers whether you purchase a single item or multiple items. We don't have the overhead of maintaining a customer list, and by that I mean we don't pay the United States Post Office any money to purchase you name from their databases, or in fact any other list supplier.

One last thing is that we don't have the waste that many catalog houses have. Let me explain, How many times have you received a catalog and just files it in the waste basket? Lined you litter box with its pages?, or used the pages to start a fire in the fireplace? Kaboodle Gifts doesn't have that waste factor to think about. So there are the reasons that Kaboodle Gifts doesn't offer a physical catalog, it is just to costly for our customers. When we are paying upwards of $3.50 to $4.00 for a gallon of gasoline, we feel that we, at Kaboodle Gifts, are doing what is right for our customer base.

Scott Nash
Kaboodle Gifts, LLC

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