Sunday, July 13, 2008

Our Old Blog- Kaboodle Gifts

Has there ever been a time in your life that you wished that you hadn't done something but did it any way only to regret later that you had done it? Well this is one of those times.

When we began our online presense in 2005-06 we also created a blog to compliment our business. We named it Kaboodle Gifts. During that time a family emergency came to face us that needed our undivided attention and we closed both the online store and blog not knowing if we would return to either of them. As time went on the family emergency came to the point that it is today... manageable.

My desire to return to building an online presence for our business began to increase to the point that I wanted to give it another go. Hind sight is 20/20 and if that is true then I'm blind! I returned to our business name because it was unique not to mention all the long hours we invested in coming up with the name. Do you realize how many name we tried to register?.....LOL

In doing so I created a monster. I had deleted the old blog but only to bring it back from the ashes when I started our new line of Personalized Products. You see with the SERPS the way that they were for our business name it brought back a lot of the links to the forefront from our old blog, the old blog that was deleted. Now you see links for our old blog but when you click on them you get no content.

So that brings me to write this post on our new blog. So if you find our old blog and are wondering why there isn't any content on it you know.

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