Sunday, July 6, 2008

Kaboodle Gifts, LLC Announces New Personalized Product Line

How many of us are old enough to remember that Sears and Roebuck's started out selling watches? My guess is not many at all. Does anyone remember getting an insert in their Sears statement promoting Real Estate? My point being is this; in order to meet the ever changing buying habits of the consumer sector you need to be in a constant state of change. Looking at buying trends is a must and that is what we have accomplished at Kaboodle Gifts.


When Kaboodle gifts was started in April 2001 our primary sales avenue was catalog distribution. With postage being economical back then for mailing catalogs we found that the majority of business came around the holidays. This was great for business but didn't give us the constant sales that we were looking for. The Return on Investment (ROI) was low because of the low turn around in sales.

Next we put our catalog online and moved away from catalog sales. This was a huge improvement in sales. We found ourselves with more sales at a lower investment which in turn meant a higher profit margin. We got complacent there because we were satisfied with the returns that we were receiving. Competition began escalating in our market and combined with that and a need to take care of family member our sales slumped to the point that we couldn't effectively take care of our business in the manor that we wanted. The decision to shut our website down came soon after.

With the announcement of our Press Release we have re-entered the market with glowing success.

The personalized gift market business is a multi- billion dollar market serving many niches including but not limited to birthday's, weddings, wedding parties, individuals, children and many more. We feel that we can capture a small piece of this market. What would you rather have; 100% of one person's business or 1% of 100 peoples' business? We are looking into several other products that we feel will compliment our core line of products and hope to bring them to market soon.


The only thing that is constant is change. Change in product line, change in marketing and most important change in customer service! If you are willing to keep changing, adjusting your methods of doing business you will find out that you will have a solid base of returning customers that will in turn expand your business to great lengths.

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