Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fancy Decorative Birdhouses Return to Kaboodle Gifts.Com

Thatched Roof Bird HouseWhile Kaboodle Gifts specializes in personalized gifts we felt the need to expand our lines of gifts for those that aren't looking for a personalized gift but rather a gift that can express your personality in a whimsical way. One such type of gift is our Fancy Decorative Birdhouses. Each of our designs have been a proven winner in our company's history, to such a degree that we have brought them back. We have included a special deal with the return of our birdhouses. Buy two or more and save 25% on your purchase. Simply enter the coupon code multibirdhouses when checking out and receive your discount.

*This discount is for multiple purchases of bird houses and cannot be used, or applied toward other merchandise purchases made at the same time as your bird house purchases.*

Vintage Styled Camper Trailer Bird HouseEach of our birdhouses are very well detailed in design. With their vibrant colors, attention to detail, and affordability, this is a great deal that we are proud to offer. In addition to the money saving deal of 25% off your purchase we also offer free shipping to boot!

If you are looking for a gift that isn't personalized, a gift that is economical, affordable, and offers value, take a look at Kaboodle Gifts.com

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